Game Error Type Image Notes
Age of Conan Typo agecon
supposed to be a numbered collectors edition several appeard with no numbers on the sticker
Best Of Big Games haunted Hotel 3 Labeling hm3
Disc Labeled Haunted Manor
Best Of Big Games haunted Manor Labeling hm
Disc Labeled Haunted Hotel 3 and Haunted Legends
Best Of Big Games haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors/ Queen of Death Data hm2
Plays Haunted Hotel 3 and Haunted Legends
Borderlands 2 Cutting border
miscut cover
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Data none
2nd Disc plays Mass Effect 2 Article Here
Duke Nukem Typo nukum
says Duke Nukum on Disc and back of box
Dungeon's & Dragons The Temple of Elemental Evil Assembly Addtoee
book bound on wrong side
Fallout Soundtrack Data fallout
Plays the Game not the soundtrack
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Packing jazz
supposed to come with the first Jazz Jackrabbit first run did not came with "We Made a Mistake..." card with info to get the first game
Left 4 Dead GOTY ed Assembly l4dead
no inserts included
Myst III Exile Printing myst3
Disc 2 has no black print on it
Space Quest (Apple II) Printing squest
picture on back with two guys pointing to the moutain mirrored
Star Wars: X Wing vs Tie Fighter Data xwing
came with a correction note "We goofed! The Discs are mislabeled. The Multiplayer Disc is Really the Master Game Disc and the Master Game Disc is really the Multiplayer Disc. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Team Fortress Typo for tress
says Team For Tress on blurb on front
Treasure Master's Inc Typo treasure
PC DVD rom on front of CD
Unreal Data unreal
Labeled as Unreal Tournament has Unreal Prototype files on disc