Game Error Type Image Notes
10 Yard Fight Cutting 10yard
miscut label
6 in 1 (Caltron) Label Position caltron
upside down label
Arch Rivals Assembly arch1
CIC chip set improperly half of it not soldiered down
Athena Printing athenaman
has Spelunker screenshots in manual
Athena Printing athenamisprint
printing error on label
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Printing AKT
printer justification error
Balloon Fight Printing balloonf
no seal of quality on box
Baseball Printing baseball
printer justification error
Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril Data none
proto rom on cart
Bionic Commando (PAL) Typo bionic
PAL B warning message on PAL A cart
Black Bass Label Position bassusd
upside down label
Black Bass Printing bassnotit
no title on spine
Blaster Master Labeling blaster
double labeled
Bubble Bobble Printing bubble
no text in seal of quality
Burai Fighter Assembly buri1
no staples in manual
Captain Comic Label Position ccomic
upside down label
Castle of Deceit Multiple cod
double labeled label underneath upside down
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Printing vania
no text in seal of quality
Championship Bowling Printing cbowl
CMYK plate offset
Cobra Command Cutting ccomandf
Label cut crooked
Cobra Triangle (PAL Italy) Typo codra
codra instead of cobra in yellow box
Code Name Viper Label Position viper
upside down label
Contra Printing contra1
no type inside seal other discoloration caused by water damage
Death Race Label Position deathrace
upside down label
Defender of the Crown (PAL) Typo defcrown
Ultra is used couple times on Table of contents in manual not Palcom
Donkey Kong Printing dkmanual1
several blank pages in manual
Double Dribble Printing dribble1
Cyan Magenta and Black colors became misaligned lifting the whole pic up besides the yellow coloring
Dragon Buster (J) Label Position dbusterusd1
upside down Label
Dragon Strike Label Position dstrike
upside down label
Duck Tales Label Position dtales
upside down label
Eliminator Boat Duel Typo eboat
Says "Elimonator" on top
Excite Bike Label Position excitef
upside down rear label
Excite Bike Label Position exciteusd
Upside down label
Faxanadu Label Position faxan
upside down label
Faxanadu (J) Label Position faxanj
upside down label
Golf Printing golf
printer justification error
Goonies II Printing goonie
printer justification error
Gradius Printing gradius
printer justification error
Gyromite Label Position gyro
upside down label
Hogan's Alley (PAL) Printing hogan
printer justification error
Joust Typo joust
came with defender II controller info in manual and a correction card
Kid Icarus Printing kidicarus
seal of quality slightly misplaced
Kid Niki Radical Ninja Printing kid1
small circle appearing in seal of quality. caused by air trapped under gold color when printed
Legend of Zelda Label Position usdzelda1
upside down label
Legend of Zelda Label Position usdzelda2
upside down label later print run
Legend of Zelda Labeling zeldadouble
double label
Legends of the Diamonds Typo daimonds
Says "Daimonds" on top
Life Force Label Position lifeforce
upside down label
Mega Man Typo megabox
says NES MM instead of NES GP in lower right corner was corrected in later prints
Mega Man 3 Printing mm31
printer justification error
Mega Man 6 Label Position mm6
extremely crooked label
Metroid Printing metroid1
major printer justification error
Metroid (yellow Label) Typo metroidmad
MAD IN JAPAN under Nintendo SOQ
Millipede Printing milli
no text in seal of quality
Monster Truck Rally Printing MTR
printing inside First L on box is offset on box
Oukon Densetsu (J) Label Position oukon
upside down label
Panic Restaurant (PAL B) Typo panic
says licensed by Nintendo fof play on
Paperboy (PAL Fr) Typo paperboy
A in lower corner indicating the game was PAL A, but is a PAL B game
Paperboy 2 (PAL) Printing paperboy2
inverted title on box
Power Blade Typo powerblade
says power balde under a picture
Punch-Out!!! Label Position punchout1
upside down label
Pyramid (AVE) Typo pyramid
says tardemarks instead of trademarks in manual
Q*Bert Labeling qbert
double labeled
Rambo Label Position rambo
upside down label
Roller Games Labeling rollergames
double labeled
Rollerblade Racer Assembly roller
double covers
Shockwave Label Position shockwave
upside down label
Shooting Range Printing shooting range
over saturation of ink on top no ink on bottom (correct in the center)
Skate or Die (PAL) Typo skate
says "PALCOM SOFTWARE IS A TRADEMARK OF FALCOM SOFTWARE" on back of manual maybe on Ski or Die as well
Soccer (PAL B) Printing soccerpal
slightly offset printing of the seals
Super C Printing superc
printer justification error
Super Mario 3 (Challenge set) Assembly smbch1
taped sideways
Super Mario Bros Label Position smbusd
upside down label
Super Mario Bros Labeling smbdouble
double labeled
Super Mario Bros (ESP) Typo smbspanish
Bowser, Princess Toadstool and Jumping Board named incorrectly
Super Mario Bros 2 Assembly smb2
no staples in manual
Super Mario Bros 3 Printing smb3man
strange pattern appearing on cover
Super Mario Bros Duck Hunt World Class Track Meet Typo smbdhwctm
manual pg 18 "CONTROL DEDK"
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Label Position tmnt1
upside down label
Tengen games (various) Typo tengen
says alchohol on back label has appeared on After Burner,Alien Syndrome, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Pac Man, R.B.I. Baseball, Road Runner , Shinobi, Super Sprint, Tetris, Vindicators,Gauntlet
Tetris Typo tetris
printer justification error
Tetris (PAL) Typo tetrispal
says NSE-EI-UKV instead of NES-EI-UKV
Tiny Toon Adventures Printing tinytoon
one small o in Toon has no hole on side of box
Top Gun Label Position topgunusd1
upside down label
Top Gun Label Position tgun1
crooked label
Trojan Label Position trojanusd
Upside down Rear label
Turbo Racing (PAL) Label Position turborac
upside down label
Ultimate Stuntman Printing ultimatestunt1
printer justification error
Wheel of Fortune Family Edition Printing wof
misprinted W on side of box
Wheel of Fortune Jr Edition Label Position wofj
upside down label
Wrestlemania Challenge Back to the Media Jim Duggan release Typo jig
Misspelled as Jig Duggan
Y's 3 (J) Typo ys3
PRG chip Incorrectly labeled as CHR chip back slashed out then correct game ID and chip designation typed above it
Y's 3 (J) Typo ys3
PRG chip Incorrectly labeled as CHR chip back X'ed out then correct game ID and chip designation typed above it
Yoshi Label Position yoshi
upside down label
Zelda II Adventures of Link Label Position linkusd
upside down label
Zelda II Adventures of Link Printing link1
layer containing screenshots and red printing became misaligned