Game Error Type Image Notes
Aladdin Printing aladdin
Gold lettering misplaced
Battle Clash Label Position bclash
upside down label
Brain Lord Label Position brainlord
upside down label
Breath of Fire Label Position bof1
upside down label
Brunswick World Tournament of Champions Label Position brunswick
upside down label
Burn test Cartridge rev C Labeling BITC
double label power scope test cart label underneath 3rd image is altered to show lines of lower label
Burn-in/Test Cartridge Controller/Super Scope/Mouse Label Position testcart
upside down label
Chrono Trigger Cutting chrono1
miscut label
Contra III: The Alien Wars Printing contra3
Majesto Release Multiple Screenshots on back upside down
Donkey Kong Country Label Position dkcusd
upside down label
Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong Quest Label Position dkc21
upside down label
Drakkhen Label Position drakken
upside down label
Earth Defense Force Label Position EDF
upside down label thanks to cwr2 from Nintendoage for the pic
F-zero Label Position Fzero1
upside down label
Family Feud Label Position famfeud
upside down label
Final Fantasy II Label Position ff2
upside down label
Gods Label Position gods
upside down label
Gradius III Cutting gradius
manual cut short cover only
Jurassic Park Label Position jpark
upside down label
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Label Position lozlttp
upside down label
Mario Paint Typo mpaint
says insctrunctions in manual
Mortal Kombat Label Position kombat
upside down label
Out of this World Label Position ootw
upside down label
Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday Typo porky
later print runs had SNS-KX-USA as game ID which belongs to Moral Kombat
Sim City Label Position simcity1
upside down label
Space Megaforce Typo cmple
says COMPLE instead of COMPILE on back of Manual
Spider-Man X-Men Arcade's Revenge Typo smxmen
Acrade's Revenge on top
Street Fighter II Label Position SFII1
upside down label
Super Battleship Printing bship
upside down screenshots on back
Super Empire Strikes Back Label Position sesb1
upside down 1abel
Super Mario RPG (J) Label Position smrpg
upside down label
Super Mario World Printing smw
mirrored Nintendo seal
Super Metroid Label Position smetroid
Upside down label
Super Metroid (J) Typo supermetroidjap
says MEDE IN JAPAN on box
Super Street Fighter II Data SSF2jmex
Plays Japanese Version was bundled with Mexican SNES systems
Tecmo Super NBA Basketball Label Position tecmonba
upside down label
Unsquadron Printing unsqad
misprinted A in instructions probably caused by some debris
Urban Strike Molding urban
Nintendo logo on back of cart inverted
Wild Guns Cutting wild
miscut label
Wing Commander Label Position wing
upside down label