Game Error Type Image Notes
Battle of Olympus (PAL) Labeling olympus
Double Labeled
Battletoads in Ragnarok's World Typo battletoads
says Read Bad instead of Real Bad on the back of the box
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Printing billandted
LJN logo missing black
Carmageddon Labeling carmageddon
Double labeled
Dr Mario Label Position drmario
upside down label
DuckTales Typo ducktales
game ID says "DMT-DT-USA" instead of "DMG-DT-USA"
Jeep Jamboree Label Position jeep
upside down label
Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters Printing kidicar
printer justification error
Kirby Star Stacker Label Position kirbyss
upside down label
Legenend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons Label Position zeldaseasons
upside down label
Mouse Trap Hotel Printing mousetrap
printer justification error
NHL Hockey 95 Labeling nhl95
double labeled
Pit-Fighter Labeling pitf
double labeled
Pokemon Blue Printing pokeblue
printer justification error
Pokemon Crystal Typo pokecry
says se(ies instead of series
Pokemon Gold Label Position pokegold
upside down label
Race Drivin' Labeling racerivin
Double Labeling
Super Mario Land 2 6 Golden Coins Label Position sml2
upside down label