Game Error Type Image Notes
Cooking Mama Assembly cooking1
pages 12 and 13 in 3 places some upside down
IL 2 Sturmovik Birds of Prey Labeling 1l2
double labeled
Imagine Babies(Europe) Printing baby
watermarked photos used on cover
Imagine Happy Cooking(Europe) Printing cooking
watermarked photo used on cover
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Assembly kheart
Y fold on side
Lego Star Wars Complete Saga (Canada) Printing starwarscomplerecan
Black mark on Character's Head
Mario & Luigi Partners in Time Typo partners
called partners in crime in copyright notice
Mega Man Star Force 3 Black Ace Printing blackace
missing some color elements
Popoulous DS (PAL Fr) Printing populousds
missing Nintendo DS logo on spine
Sonic Rush Typo rush
describes New a mysterious female companion
Spider-Man Web of Shadows Printing webofshad
missing Nintendo DS logo on spine
Zorro Quest for Justice Labeling zorro1
double labeled