Game Error Type Image Notes
Aero the Acrobat 2 (PAL) Printing areo
has Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel on manual
Aladdin Cutting aladdingen
manual cut crooked
Altered Beast Label Position alteru
Upside down label
Altered Beast Printing alterprint1
printer justification error on black
Altered Beast (PAL AU) Label Position altu
Upside down Label
Barkley: Shut Up And Jam! Label Position none
Upside down Label
Batman Printing batman
uses nes screenshots on back
Bubsy II Printing bubsyII
no name on spine
Comix Zone (PAL) Label Position comix
Upside down label
Earthworm Jim Label Position ewj
Upside down label
F-22 Interceptor Printing f22
no barcode or text on back printed on it
Gargoyles II Printing gar1
Inner tray lacking red over most of the inner tray
Ghouls N Ghosts (PAL) Printing ghouldandghost
printer justification error
Golden Axe II Label Position goldenaxeii
upside down label
Heavy Nova Typo heavy
says Heavy Nov a s on back of box
Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings Label Position izzy0
upside down label
Klax (PAL) Label Position klax
Upside down Label
Lemmings (PAL AU) Label Position lemm1
Upside down Label
Mega Games I (PAL) Multiple mega1
mega 3
Double Labeled Pal over US Pal Label Upside down
Micheal Jackons Moonwalker Label Position mjmw
Upside down Label
Micheal Jackons Moonwalker(PAL AU Ozisoft ) Label Position mjmwa
upside down label
NBA Jam (PAL) Labeling nbaj1
double labeled has US label under Pal
NBA Jam (PAL) Multiple nba1
has US label under Pal. Pal label is upside down
Outrun 2019 (PAL) Label Position out
upside down label
Pac Man 2: Then New Adventure Labeling pac
Double label
Phelios Label Position phelios
Upside down label
Pit Fighter Label Position pitfighter
upside down Label
Power Monger Printing pmongerf22
The back of the game is an advertisement for the game F-22
Image discovered from IG user: nate_the_nemesis
Primal Rage (PAL) Label Position primal
upside down label
RBI Baseball 94 (PAL) Label Position rbipal
upside down label
Shadowrun Label Position shadowrun
upside down label
Sonic 2 Label Position sonic2
upside down label
Sonic 2 (NFR) Label Position sonic2n1
upside down label
Sonic 3 Label Position sonic31
upside down label
Steets of Rage (classics) Cutting Sorcl
PBC broken unevenly
Streets of Rage 2 Assembly sor2gen1
Center page not stapled in
Strider II:Strider Returns Labeling strider21
Strider II PAL label under Strider II US label
Super Hang on (PAL) Label Position sho
upside down label
Talmit's Adventure Printing talmit
page 19 printed over cover
Taz in Escape from Mars Label Position tazusd
upside down label
Taz in Escape from Mars (Mega Hits) Printing taz
no title on spine
Thunder Force IV (PAL) Label Position tf41
upside down label
Turrican Label Position turr1
upside down label
World Series Baseball '95 Printing WSB
missing 95 on front and spine