Game Error Type Image Notes
Aerowings Typo aero
says [TN: I SUGGEST CHANGING BEHIND VIEW AND REAR VIEW IN THE EXCEL FILES TO 3RD-PERSON VIEW.] this was translated and left in the manual TN most likely refers to translator's note
Blue Stinger Programming none
lacked proper boot code
Blue Submarine No.6 Time and Tide (J) Assembly bluesub
missing spine card
Crazy Taxi (sega all stars) Printing crazytax
off center printing on back inside image
Fighting Force 2 Printing none
Toy Commander's retail barcode (0 10086 51020 1)
Jeremy McGrath Motocross Data none
Plays Crazy Taxi 2
Marvel Vs Capcom Printing mvc1
most of picture missing from disc
Midway Arcade Greatest hits Vol 1 Data mvc2
Plays Marvel Vs Capcom 2 look for data code T-1212N
NFL Blitz 2000 Programming blitz
no sound in game only announcers
NHL 2K2 Assembly nhl2k1
Back insert upside down
Phantasy Star Online Printing PSO
Disc printed off center
Resident Evil Code Veronica Data recv
Disc 1 plays Disc 2 look for code T-1204N-2 on disc 1
Shenmue (PAL) Labeling shenmue
no label on disc
Sonic Adventure Printing SonicA
off center disc printing
Sonic Adventure Programming none
lacked proper boot code
Test Drive 6 Printing testdrive6
no printing on disc
Toy Commander Printing toycom
back inside image printed far to the right
Web Browser Programming none
lacked proper boot code