Game Error Type Image Notes
Bioshock 3 Typo bshocki
says forcedto on back
Demon's Souls (Trade Demo) Typo demonsoul
says PlayStation 2 on disc
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Assembly FFXIII2
upside down cover sheet
Grand Theft Auto IV (GH)(Canadian) Printing GTA4GHCA
Two helicopters printed on cover
Mass Effect 3 Printing me3
corner folded over while printing
NHL 2k10 Printing nhl2k10
no gold coloring on 10 and tenth anniversary
Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in Time (GH) Assembly ratchet
upside down coversheet
Saint's Row Gat Outta Hell First Edition (PAL AU) Typo saintsrow
says includes "Devil's Worksop pack"
Worms Collection (PAL Ita) Typo worms
Title text left on spine of game over title graphics
Young Justice (Spanish) Printing young
Spanish and Italian translations by wrong Flags