Game Error Type Image Notes
Blackguards 2 Data blackguard2
plays Dungeons II game release delayed because of this error look for B4SS-023300 on data side of disc
Broken Age (LRG) Typo brokenage
gave LR-P34 on case and the correct LR-P35 on slipcover
Doom VFR (Canadian) Printing doom close
Rated E on back of box
Drive Club Typo driveclub
says "race in hundreds of online & offline players" on the back
Evil Within Assembly evilwin
no cover
Grand Theft Auto V Printing gtav
water and ink unevenly balanced
Gryphon Knight LE Typo gry
missing number on sticker on back
Gun, Gore & Cannoli (SLG) Printing GGC
No number ????/1500 printed in box on back
Hello Neighbor (Canadian) Printing hello
no title
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 and 2.5 Remix (PAL) Assembly KH1525
no cover art inside case
Metal Gear Solid V Limited Edition system Typo mgs5ps4
says "molybdeum" on the system should be molybdenum
MLB The Show 2k16 Printing show161
Blue layer printed to the right of where its supposed to be
MLB The Show 2k16 Printing show162
missing blue ink on front cover
No Man's Sky (CE)(Europe) Printing nomanbefore
printed wrong PEGI rating as well as an icon for online capabilities was tape corrected
One's Justice (AUS) Printing onesjustice
no title
Persona 5 steel book Printing persona5
over inked slip cover
Raiden V Director's Cut (Canadian)(LE) Cutting raidenv1
plastic on case miscut
Shante Risky's Revenge Printing shante2
inverse of back of cover showing up on front
WWE 2K17 (PAL) Printing wwe2k17pal
front off center