Blinx Label Cutting None case insert cut improperly
Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball binding
repeated buch of pages in manual
Serious Sam Data None Defective Disc
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell xbox classics pal typo says Slinetr Cell on spine
Xbox 360
Afro Samurai Printing raised portion of lettering offset from printing on sleeve
Batman Arkham City typo said it included a Blueray of Batman Gotham Knight not a DVD
Call Of Duty 4 Packing None came with a Blank Philips DVD inside
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 typo
says can support 2-24 players usuing system link when it was only 2-18 came with correction card
Condemned Criminal Origins (PH) Printing no title on spine
Darksiders II (PAL Best sellers) Printing no title on cover
Elder Scrolls III Marrowind (PAL) Disc Printing mislabeled as NTSC
Goldeneye Reloaded Data Plays Call of Duty World at War look for these numbers on the dataside of the disc 17723718 for both L0 and L1
Guitar Hero Metallica Typo says lynrd skynrd on cover its been circled
Halo Reach Factory Damage booklet clamp missing from inside cover
Homefront printing slight doubling on small print on the back
Jurassic Park the game Disc Printing nothing on the top of disc
Lego Lord of the Rings Labeling Disc Mislabeled as Demo Version when its the full game sold as full game
Mass Effect 3 Printing Ink Transfer shows a backwards printing of back on the front
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Printing
missing 360 on cover
Article can be found HERE
Xbox One
Back to the Future the game Assembly
upside down cover sheet sealed only counts
Call of Duty Black Ops II Assembly
upside down cover sheet sealed only counts
Far Cry 4 complete Edition Assembly
upside down cover sheet sealed only counts
Ryse Sons of Rome Factory Damage torn coversheet inside sealed game