1 Xtreme Y Assembly NA double sticker sealed
40 Winks N cutting NA miscut cover
Army Men 3D N Disc Printing NA several colors missing from picture on disc
Atlantis: The Lost Empire N Assembly NA
Back Insert put in upside down. sealed only counts with this one
Battle Arena Toshinden (PAL) Y Typo N/A Battle Area Toshinden
Big Race USA N Data ??? Plays Ape Escape
Big Strike Bowling N cutting N/A

slightly miscut
Blast Chamber N Data PSRM 001120 Plays Street Racer
Bushido Blade N Typo N/A says Buishido Blade on tear strip
Castlevania Chronicles N Printing N/A Missing Black Layer of Ink on disc
Castlevania Symphony of the Night Y Data PSRM-21360 plays Elmo's Number Journey
Chrono Cross ? Cutting N/A fold over when cutting pages to manual
Creatures N assembly N/A

no back insert
Deathtrap Dungeon N Printing N/A Uses two of the same screenshot
Deathtrap Dungeon N Assembly N/A
duplicate pages in manual
Destruction Derby Y Assembly NA
back insert upside down
Die Hard Trilogy (PAL) Y Typo N/A None Once used on back instead of One
Disney Collection N Printing N/A A Bugs life Tarzan back's of manuals switched
Driver 2 N printing N/A

inside insert pics's the top one
Eternal Eyes N cutting N/A
miscut cover to manual
Evil Zone N typo N/A None Says SLOS instead of SLUS on Spine
Extreme Pinball N Printing N/A inside of back insert printed upside down
Final Fantasy 7 N assembly N/A two covers in manual
Final Fantasy 7 Y disc printing N/A no printing on disc 1
Final Fantasy 7 N disc printing N/A no printing on disc 3
Final Fantasy 7 N cutting N/A page folded over when it was cut
Final Fantasy 7 N Printing N/A Floating "i" in Masterpiece in description on back
Final Fantasy 7 Y Data N/A None Disc 3 Plays Spongebob Squarepants Super Spongue
Final Fantasy 7 Y Printing N/A Sephiroth printed on Both sides of inside inserts
Final Fantasy 7 Y Assembly N/A has both Black Label and Greatest hits inserts sealed only counts
Final Fantasy 7 N Disc Printing N/A has image of comet on disc 2
Final Fantasy 7 N Manual Assembly N/A

page 2 stapled upside down
Final Fantasy 7 Y Assembly NA missing pg 2 and back is slightly miscut, found on a double Sephiroth copy
Final Fantasy 7 Y disc printing NA chocobo on disc 1 missing legs and part of tail, found on the same double Sephiroth copy as above
Final Fantasy 8 N cutting N/A miscut insert
Final Fantasy 8 N Disc Printing N/A 3rd disc no artwork
Final Fantasy 9 (pal) Y Assembly N/A
front insert upside down
Final Fantasy 9 N Disc Printing N/A 2nd disc no black printing
Final Fantasy Tactics N Disc Printing N/A no black printing on disc
Final Fantasy Tactics Y Data ??? None Defective game quickly recalled
Fox Hunt N Disc manufacturing N/A Light Blue Back to disc
Game of Life N Disc Printing N/A missing all but red Life on disc
Grand Theft Auto N Printing N/A uses Teen Rating on back
Grand Theft Auto Collectors' Edition (PAL) N typo N/A Says Editon on disc spine
Gran Turismo N Printing N/A
offset printing on front of back insert (side faces inside disc)
printer justification error on back
Thanks to Entity from Nintendoage for this pic
Gundam Battle Assault 2 N Typo N/A Gundum instead of Gundam
Thanks to for the pic
Italian Job N Assembly N/A Manual placed in sideways thanks to HwitVlf for the pic
Jet Moto 2 Y Data N/A
Jet Moto 2 Championship Edition Was Released Instead
purposed artwork shown in images
Jet Moto 3 N Assembly NA
Back Insert put in upside down and backwords. sealed only counts with this one
Kensei Sacred Fist N cutting NA
slight miscut on back insert thanks to Starwind40k on NA for this one
King of Fighters 95 N Disc Printing N/A None Missing Black Layer on Disc
Kodelka ? Disc printing NA
only purple print showing on disc 2
Legend of Dragoon ? Data ??? None Disc 2 Plays Road Writer
Legend of Dragoon Y Disc making NA cut a ceter hole at edge of disc 4
Legend of Dragoon Y Printing NA Disc 4 double printed
Legend of Mana N Assembly N/A
back artwork upside down sealed only counts
Les Boucliers de Quetzalcoatl (PAL) N Typo N/A None uses Les Bouchliers de Quetzalcoatl on spine and disc
Megaman X4 Y Typo N/A misplaced on Zero's chest
Metal Gear Solid (PAL Demo) N Typo ??? says Metalgear instead of Metal Gear
Metal Gear Solid N cutting N/A
several pages miscut and not aligned thanks to for images
Metal Gear Solid Y Printing N/A no title
Metal Gear Solid Y Printing N/A only black printing for title
Metal Gear Solid Special Missions (PAL) N Cutting N/A

every page miscut
Mortal Kombat 4 N Disc N/A
silver back disc thanks to Dangerboy of for the pics
Namco Museum vol 1 Y Data N/A None Plays Rugrats Search for Reptar
Namco Museum vol 3 Y Assembly N/A manual inserted backwards and upside down
NFL Blitz 2000 N Cutting N/A slight off center cut
NGEN Racing N Typo N/A None has NEGENN Racing on spine
NHL 2000 N Disc Printing N/A no Black layer on disc thanks to Dangerboy from for this entry
Oddworld Abe's Exoddus(Pal) N cutting N/A manual improperly cut
Official Playstation Magazine #40 N typo N/A 102 Dalmatians incorrectly spelled 102 Dalmations
Pandemonium N Data PSRM 002611
Plays 2Xtreme
Pong N Assembly N/A back insert upside down note the placement of the hangtab in pic
Raiden Project N Data N/A Plays Killeak DNA Imperative
Raystorm N Printing N/A No purple Ink on Title foil
Resident Evil 2 ? Disc manufactoring N/A None light blue back to disc
Resident Evil 2 N Disc Printing N/A
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (PAL Demo) N Typo N/A says Nemisis on Disc
Resident Evil Director's Cut Y Disc Printing N/A Completely missing all printing on Disc except Red
Road Rash Y cutting N/A miscut manual cover top appearing at bottom
R Type Delta ? typo N/A called R Types Delta on tear strip
Saga Frontier 2 N Cutting N/A slight off center cut
Sheep N Printing N/A Misplaced Y in Stuipidity in center of sign
Spec Ops Ranger Elite N Disc Print N/A Off-Center Disc Printing
Spyro the Dragon (CE) N cutting N/A manual cut improperly
Strider N Data N/A None Discs Swapped
Suikoden N typo N/A Imperial army called Liberation Army on page 34
Suikoden 2 N Cutting N/A
miscut pages
Syndicate Wars N/td> Printing NA wrong ESRB rating printed on disc. Disc says K to A
Syphon Filter 3 Y Printing NA small Red "Greatest Hits" on Spine upside down (can be hard to see in this picture its the thrid one down top one on the second case)
Syphon Filter 3 N Cutting N/A None Off center manual
Tekken 3 N Cutting N/A Excellent example of an off center cut
Tiny Toon Adventures: The Great Beanstalk N Data ???? Video Play Madden 99
Tomb Raider Last Revelation(pal) n cutting N/A
miscut manual
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 Y Data PSRM 020280 Plays Action Bass
Twisted Metal 4 N Cutting NA Miscut Back Case insert art of title showing up on back
Urban Chaos N cutting N/A miscut manual cover top appearing at bottom
Wheel of Fortune 2 N Data ??? Plays Fifa 2001
X-Men Mutant Academy 2 N Assembly N/A
back inset upside down also note the hole punch in the corner in the place the barcode would be if it was right side up
Xenogears N printing N/A off center print cover
Yu-Gi-oh Forbidden memories Premium Edition N printing N/A no foil on front cover front copy
Britney's Dance Beat N cutting N/A part of Playstation 2 logo appearing at the bottom
Bully ? Assembly N/A no cover slip sealed only counts
Buzz! Junior: RoboJam (PAL) N Data N/A Plays Apocolypto with Italian Subtitles
Chemist Tycoon (PAL EUR) N Mislabeled disc N/A All Disc's labeled Sim Chemist
City Crisis N Typo N/A No Title on spine
Crash 'n Burn ? Assembly N/A None No Insert included with Case sealed only counts
Crash 'n Burn (French Canadian) ? Assembly N/A None No Insert included with Case sealed only counts
Disney Golf N Data N/A None plays Gauntlet Dark Legacy
Fatal Frame N Assembly N/A two tear strips on game
Final Fantasy X-2 N Disc Printing N/A no printing on disc
God of War 2 (PE) N Priniting N/A
off center printing
Gradius 3+4 N Priniting N/A "Mild Animated Violence" box printed off center
Grandia Xtreme N Data ??? None Plays Spider-man DVD bonus footage
Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec ? Assembly N/A

Insert is a test print from printer
Gretsky NHL 06 N Assembly N/A two NHL holograms attached
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone N Disc Printing N/A

Color layers became severly mixed up
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings ? Assembly N/A No Insert included with Case sealed only counts
Kingdom Hearts II ? cutting N/A

Fold over on page in manual
Lord of the Rings: The Third Age N Data ??? none Plays Crash Twinsanity
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Y cutting N/A miscut insert
Max Payne ? Assembly N/A no cover slip sealed only counts
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty ? Printing N/A no printing on front
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty N Cutting N/A
Miscut insert
Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater ? Data ??? None Plays ESPN College Hoops 2k5
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance N Disc Printing N/A Disc is completely Blank
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance N Data N/A None Plays Final Fantasy Spirits Within
Mortal Kombat Kollection N Packing N/A included two copies of Mortal Kombat Armageddon
MVP Baseball 2005 N Typo N/A None missing 2005 on spine
NHL 2K6 N Data PDSS-019195A1 None Plays Genji: Dawn of the Samurai
NHL 2K6 N Data/Assembly PDSS-019195A1 Plays Genji: Dawn of the Samurai and two NHL holograms put on case
Oni ? Assembly N/A no insert in sealed case
Power Drome N Data DVDL-241670A1

Plays Good Times season 5 disc 1.
Ratchet Deadlocked N Cutting N/A None case insert cut improperly
Resident Evil 4 Y cutting N/A miscut cover spine showing up on front
Seven Samurai 20XX N Typo N/A None 200XX on spine
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner 2 LE N assembly N/A case insert torn during manufactuing sealed only counts
Silent Hill 3 (music CD version) N packing N/A None came with 2 music CD's and no game
Spongebob The Movie Y Printing N/A Missing Title From Front Cover
Star Ocean ~Till the End of Time~ (J) N prog N/A None Crashing on SCPH-10000
Syphon Filter-Omega Strain N Packing N/A None No game included
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 N typo N/A Incorrect SLUS on spine SLUS 20535 should be SLUS 20572
SLUS 20535 belongs to Nasacar Thunder 2003
Twisted Metal Online(Pal) N Printing N/A used DVD icon instead of CD Rom icon
World Tour Soccer 2002 N Assembly N/A no cover put in
Bioshock 3 N Typo N/A says forcedto on back
Demon's Souls (Trade demo) N Typo N/A says Playstation 2 on disc
Final Fantasy XIII-2 N Assembly N/A upside down cover sheet
Mass Effect 3 N printing N/A corner folded over while printing
NHL 2k10 N printing N/A no gold coloring on 10 and tenth anniversary
Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in Time Y Assembly N/A insert inverted
Saint's Row Gat Outta Hell First Edition (PAL AU) N typo N/A says includes "Devil's Worksop pack"
Young Justice (Spanish) N Typo N/A Spanish and Italian traslations by wrong Flags
Metal Gear Solid V Limited Edition system N Typo N/A says "molybdeum" on the system should be molybdenum
Blackguards 2 N Data B4SS-023300 plays Dungeons II game release delayed because of this error
Drive Club N Typo N/A says "race in hundreds of online & offline players" on the back
Grand Theft Auto V N printing N/A water and ink unevenly balanced
MLB The Show 2k16 N printing N/A Blue layer printed to the right of where its supposed to be
MLB The Show 2k16 N printing N/A missing blue ink on front cover
Persona 5 steel book N printing N/A over inked slip cover
Shante Risky's Revenge N printing N/A inverse of back of cover showing up on front
Socom Tactical Strike printing has Early Childhood rating should be teen
Tales of Eternia (PAL) prog None can only be played about 2/3 the crash is unavoidable
Galgun Double Peace printing rated E on back of case