Game Error Type Image Notes
007 Racing Typo 007racing
says 1 block should be 1-2
1Xtreme (GH) Assembly 1x
double sticker sealed
2 Games in 1 007 Tomorrow Never Dies/ The World is not enough Data 2n1twinw
Tomorrow Never dies plays Medal of Honor Underground look for data number A0100343956-0101 on disc
40 Winks Cutting 40wink
miscut cover
Angel Eyes (JAP) Typo angeleyes
says SLSP on one spine instead of SLPS
Army Men 3D Printing army3d
several colors missing from disc
Atlantis: The Lost Empire Assembly atlantis1
Back Insert put in upside down.
Battle Arena Toshinden (PAL) (GH) Typo areatoshinden
Battle area toshinden
Battle Stations Printing battlestations1
inside of insert not printed corrected with a separate piece printed
thanks to Dangerboy from Game-rave.com for the pics
Big Race USA Data bigrace
plays Ape Escape
Big Strike Bowling Cutting bigstrike1
slightly miscut
Blast Chamber Data blast
plays street racer PSRM 001120 is visible from the front of the disc
Bushido Blade Typo bushido
says Buishido Blade on tear strip
Castlevania Chronicles Printing castlevania
Missing Black Layer of Ink on disc
Castlevania Symphony of the Night(PAL)(Limited Edition) Data sotnpal
Plays Formula Karts Special Edition
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (GH) Data CSOTH
plays Elmo's Number Journey PSRM-21360 is visible
Chrono Cross Cutting ccross
fold over when cutting pages to manual
Chrono Cross Printing chronodisc2
No black print on Disc 2
Chrono Cross Cutting chronocut
Front insert cut improperly
Cool Boarders 3 (GH) Printing coolb3
only back printed on disc
Crash 3 (PAL SCN) Printing crash3
incorrect bar code 7 11719 75982 9 should be 7 11719 75892 1
thanks psxdriverplayer for the info and images
Crash Bandicoot (Platinum) (PAL Ita) Binding crashita
Bound with Spanish repeated where there are supposed to be Italian
Crash Bandicoot 2 :Cortex Strikes Back Disc
Little to no blue die in disc
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (PAL) Multiple crash2pal1
manual got partially caught while printing causing miscutting of page and blurring of photo
Crash Team Racing (PAL SCN) Printing ctrpal1
wrong barcode on back insert (7-11719-87212-2) should have (7-11719-86802-6) the incorrect bar code points to the US Patapon psp demo used 9 years after this game was released
thanks psxdriverplayer for the info and images
Crash Team Racing (PAL) Cutting CTRpal1
off center cutting of one page
Creatures Assembly creat1
no back insert
Crime Killer Cutting crimekiller
miscut back insert Thanks to Dangerboy from game-rave.com for this one
Deathtrap Dungeon Printing DTD
Uses two of the same screenshot
Deathtrap Dungeon Assembly pg22DTD
duplicate pages in manual
Destruction Derby (GH) Assembly ddurby1
back insert upside down
Die Hard Trilogy (PAL) (GH) Typo diehardtpal
Once used on back instead of One
Dino Crisis 2 (PAL) Assembly dcrisis1
upside down front insert
Driver 2 Printing driver21
inside insert pics swapped.it's the top one
Eternal Eyes Cutting eternaleyes1
miscut cover to manual
Evil Zone Typo none
Says SLOS instead of SLUS on Spine Thanks to Game-rave.com for the image
Extreme Pinball Printing epinball
inside of back insert printed upside down
Fear Effect Printing feareffect
no black printed on disc 1
Final Fantasty VIII Printing ff8d3
no black ink disc 3
Final Fantasy 7 Printing ifloating
Floating "i" in Masterpiece in description on back
Final Fantasy 7 Printing noblackd3
no printing on disc 3
Final Fantasy 7 Printing comet2
has image of comet on disc 2
Final Fantasy 7 Assembly twocover
two covers in manual
Final Fantasy 7 Assembly p21
page 2 stapled upside down
Final Fantasy 7 Cutting ff7f0
page folded over when it was cut
Final Fantasy 7 Printing FF7cracked
only partially printed white became damaged during shipping
Final Fantasy 7 (GH) Printing sephir
Sephiroth printed on Both sides of inside inserts
Final Fantasy 7 (GH) Assembly halfandhalf
has both Black Label and Greatest hits inserts
Final Fantasy 7 (GH) Data none
Disc 3 Plays Spongebob Squarepants Super Sponge
Final Fantasy 7 (GH) Printing noprd1
no printing on disc 1
Final Fantasy 7 (GH) Multiple nopg2
missing pg 2 and back is slightly miscut, found on a double Sephiroth copy. chocobo on disc 1 missing legs and part of tail
Final Fantasy 8 Cutting ff8miscut
miscut insert
Final Fantasy 8 Printing f8blank
3rd disc no artwork
Final Fantasy 8 Cutting ff8
Miscut insert
Final Fantasy 9 Printing ff9bl
no black print on disc
Final Fantasy 9 (GH) Printing ff9blank
2nd disc no black printing
Final Fantasy 9 (PAL) (GH) Assembly ff9pal1
front insert upside down
Final Fantasy Tactics Printing FFTw
no black printing on disc
Final Fantasy Tactics (GH) Programming none
Defective game quickly recalled
Final Fantasy VIII Cutting ff8miscut
miscut front insert
Final Fantasy VIII Printing ff8d3
no black ink on disc 3
Formula One 2000 Assembly form1
Incredible crisis tear strip on case
Fox Hunt Disc
Light Blue Back to disc
Game of Life Printing life
missing all but red Life on disc
Gex Cutting gex1
mis-cut back insert
Gran Turismo Printing gt11
offset printing on front of back insert (side faces inside disc) printer justification error on back Thanks to Entity from Nintendoage for this pic
Grand Theft Auto Printing GTA
uses Teen Rating on back
Grand Theft Auto (PAL) Assembly GTAusd
Back insert upside down
Grand Theft Auto Collectors' Edition (PAL) Typo GTACE
Says Editon on disc spine
Grandia (PS1) Multiple grandia1
Printing and cutting errors caused by fold overs
Gundam Battle Assault 2 Typo gundum
Gundum instead of Gundam Thanks to game-rave.com for the pic
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (GH) Printing harryGH
uses standard black box design on back insert inside graphics
Italian Job Assembly ijob
Manual placed in sideways thanks to HwitVlf for the pic
Italian Job (PAL) Assembly ijobpal1
Back insert upside down
Jet Moto 2 (GH) Data jetmotoce
Jet Moto 2 Championship Edition Was Released Instead purposed artwork shown in images
Jet Moto 3 Assembly jm31
Back Insert put in upside down and backwards. sealed only counts with this one
Kensei Sacred Fist Cutting kensi1
slight miscut on back insert thanks to Starwind40k on NA for this one
King of Fighters 95 Printing none
Missing Black Layer on Disc
Koudelka Printing kodelka1
only purple print showing on disc 2
Le Mans 24 hours (PAL) Assembly lemanz
has insert for Tony Hawk Pro Skateboarding it's not known what is inside
Legend of Dragoon Data none
Disc 2 Plays Road Writer
Legend of Dragoon Binding lodb1
piece of green paper saying Pick Samples from here bound in book
Legend of Dragoon (GH) Printing double
Disc 4 double printed
Legend of Dragoon (GH) Cutting hole
cut a center hole at edge of disc 4
Legend of Mana Assembly LOM1
upside down back insert
Les Boucliers de Quetzalcoatl (PAL) Typo case
uses Les Bouchliers de Quetzalcoatl on spine and disc
Lilo & Stitch Ouragan Sur Hawaï (PAL Fr) (Controller Bundle) Assembly lilostitch
Game inserted upside down
Megaman X4 Printing mmx4
misplaced registered copyright on Zero's chest
Metal Gear Solid Cutting mgscut1
several pages miscut and not aligned thanks to game-rave.com for images
Metal Gear Solid (GH) Printing faceless
no title
Metal Gear Solid (GH) Printing mgsblacktitle
only black printing for title
Metal Gear Solid (GH) Typo mgsgh
has extra 0 in game ID
Metal Gear Solid (PAL) (Demo) Typo mgsdemo
says Metalgear instead of Metal Gear
Metal Gear Solid Special Missions (PAL) Cutting mgssm1
every page miscut
MLB Pennant Race Cutting mblpenn
Miscut manual
Monster Rancher Disc
light blue disc
Mortal Kombat 4 Disc
silver back disc thanks to Dangerboy of game-rave.com for the pics
Namco Museum vol 1 Assembly namco1
Has Namco Museum vol 3 back insert Namco Museum vol 1 disc is inside Thanks goes out to Dangerboy for opening his copy
Namco Museum Vol. 1 (GH) Data none
Plays Rugrats in Paris: The Movie no way to see the PSRM on the disc
Namco Museum Vol. 3 (GH) Assembly nmvol3
manual inserted backwards and upside down
NFL Blitz 2000 Cutting nflblitz
slight off center cut
NGEN Racing Typo ngen
has Racinng on one side of spine
thanks to Dangerboy from game-rave.com for the image
NHL 2000 Printing nhl2k
no Black layer on disc thanks to Dangerboy from game-rave.com for this entry
Nice Cats (PAL) Assembly nicecats1
missing back insert
Nuclear Strike (GH) Printing nucleargh
no graphics printed on inside of back insert
Oddworld Abe's Exoddus Printing oddworld
back of manual picture is upside down
Oddworld Abe's Exoddus Printing exodus
no black ink disc 2
Oddworld Abe's Exoddus (PAL) Cutting oddworld
Insert improperly cut
Official Playstation Magazine #40 Typo opm40
102 Dalmatians incorrectly spelled 102 Dalmations
Pandemonium Data pandi
Plays 2Xtreme look for PSRM 002611
Parappa the Rapper Printing parappa1
Inside picture printed off center
Persona 2 Multiple persona21
paper got mangled in press resulting in multiple errors
Pong Assembly pomg
back insert upside down note the placement of the hangtab in pic
Psybedeck Cutting psybedeck1
back insert miscut
R-Type Delta Typo rtypes
called R Types Delta on tear strip
Raiden Project Data raiden
Plays Killeak DNA Imperative
Railroad Tycoon II Typo railty2
says Build the Transcontinental Railway or the Orient Express on rail at a time.
not one rail at a time
Raystorm Printing raystorm
No purple Ink on Title foil
Real Pro-Wrestling World (J) Typo RPWW1
no text on one spine
Resident Evil 2 Disc
light blue back to disc
Resident Evil 2 Printing re2
misalignment of black
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PAL Demo) Typo re3demo
says Nemisis on Disc
Resident Evil Director's Cut (GH) Cutting redcgh
Couple pages miscut
Resident Evil: Director's Cut (GH) Printing redc
Completely missing all printing on Disc except Red
Road Rash (GH) Cutting roadrash
miscut manual cover top appearing at bottom
Rugrats Search for Reptar Assembly rugrats
no staples in manual
Saga Frontier 2 Cutting saga
slight off center cut
Sheep Printing sheep
Misplaced Y in Stupidity in center of sign
Spec Ops: Ranger Elite Printing spec
Off-Center Disc Printing
Spryo the Dragon  (PAL SCN) Printing spyropal1
incorrect bar code 7-11719-75602-8 should have 7-11719-75302-5
thanks psxdriverplayer for the info and images
Spyro the Dragon Cutting spyro1
The Manual is cut improperly
Spyro the Dragon (CE) Cutting spyro
manual cut improperly
Spyro the Dragon (GH) Cutting spyrogh
slightly miscut manual
Strider 2 Labeling strider
Strider 1 is strider 2.
strider 2 is strider 1
Suikoden Typo suikoden
Imperial army called Liberation Army on page 34
Suikoden 2 Cutting suikoden21
miscut pages
Syndicate Wars Printing syndicate
wrong ESRB rating printed on disc. Disc says K to A
Syphon Filter Printing syphon
Ran out of black while printing disc
Syphon Filter 2 (PAL) Assembly syphonpal1
Back insert upside down
Syphon Filter 3 Cutting none
Off center manual
Syphon Filter 3 (GH) Printing sy3gh
small Red "Greatest Hits" on Spine upside down
Tales of Destiny Disc
light blue disc
Tall: Infinity Printing tall1
inside picture on back insert upside down
Tekken 2 Data teen2fb
Plays Fade to Black
Look for IFPI code 5085 on disc
A quick Video of it booting up HERE
Tekken 3 Cutting tekken3
miscut manual
Ten Pin Alley Typo tenpintypo
slus number missing last digit on disc
The Hive Printing hive
K-A rating on manual and case correct M rating on discs
Thousand Arms Disc
strange film left on discs from factory
Tigger's Honey Hunt Printing tigger
has UPC for Disney's Story Studio Mulan may be sticker corrected
Tiny Toon Adventures: The Great Beanstalk Data none
Plays Madden 99
Tomb Raider the Last Revolation (PAL)(ESP) Cutting tombraiderLR
miscut manual
Tony Hawk 2 Cutting th1
manual miscut
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (GH) Data tonybass
Plays Action Bass look for PSRM 020280
Twisted Metal 2 (GH) Factory Damage tm2gh
became wrinkled during printing
Twisted Metal 4 Cutting tm4
Miscut Back Case insert art of title showing up on back
Urban Chaos Cutting uchaos1
miscut manual cover top appearing at bottom
Vanguard Bandits Assembly vanguard
multiple covers this one has two has been seen with up to 5 covers
Virtual Kasperov (PAL) Assembly virkas1
Back Insert Upside Down Big thanks to Stephen Fowler for this entry
Wheel of Fortune 2 Data wof2
Plays Fifa 2001
X-Men Mutant Academy 2 Assembly xmma1
back inset upside down also note the hole punch in the corner in the place the barcode would be if it was right side up
X-Men Vs Street Fighter Typo xmenvs
says Mutatant in bullet point on back
Xenogears Cutting xeno
miscut cover insert
Yu-Gi-oh Forbidden memories Premium Edition Printing yugioh
no foil on front cover front copy