Error Spotlight: The Strange Case of Namco Museum Vol 1 / 3

This is a very odd case of an assembly error. Where the back insert of the game does not match the manual or tear strip.

Unlike the other similar oddity I covered in my first Non Error Spotlight which contained no disc. This one subjected to the same test shows no light passing through and the presence of a legitimate tearstrip on top.

as you can see this one was factory sealed. The only rel question is what was inside

I contacted Dangerboy about this misprint, after getting the seller to contact him his arrived, and he was gracious enough to open his sealed copy to put the mystery to a rest.

Inside as can be seen is a Namco Musuem Vol 1 disc. which means that only the back insert is the incorrect piece.

Now besides the two there was an episode of Game Rave TV which mentions one that was VGA qualified. Opened and graded found on Ebay. It also shows the whole reason why these type as well as other types of errors only count if they remain sealed.

Video curtosey of

Game Rave

When questioned about the skeptisim that he showed in the video of the Error Dangerboy had this to say

"The skepticism would always be there with any graded / ungraded open misprint or variant that can be hand assembled from known pieces (this one, the split final fantasy vii GH / Black hybrid as examples), so the finding of a sealed copy simply confirms the original presentation of evidence, not completely eliminate the skepticism or support the VGA grading of them."

A big thanks to Dangerboy for his help with this error spotlight