Non Error Spotlight the Curious Case of the Need for Speed High Stakes/Fifa 99 sealed case.

Well this will be different than my other Error spotlights as we will not be covering a misprint, but something which is advertised as a misprint and is still a unique peice of manufactoring history. While scrolling through the misprint listings on Ebay I saw a listing for a Need for speed High Stakes/ Fifa 99 'misprint'. It being upsold for 1600 dollars the seller even having more than one.

I was first completely caught off guard by this item, but something even then stood out to me the most curious thing was the top label which read.

Now this pretty much spells it out. It's a test of the machinery used to seal the and packagage the discs. Note no valid SLUS number and no valid SKU all being 0's.
As for the company Accu-Tec inc is used for a lot of names the closest was a company Based out of Louisville KY. which specialized in packaging and shrink wrapping and many other things, but they seem to be closed.
As time went on I went and asked Dangerboy from game-rave.come about this item and this is what he had to say "I don't think those are misprints (aside from the "Value" issue). More than likely just test print runs using whatever assests they had. I'm curious if the 2 digit number next to the "this label has no value" applies to what batch they were from in the manufacturing. I'd doubt there are any actual games in those cases.
Kinda nifty, but not $1600 nifty"
Fast Forward a while and I was able to prove exactly what he said as 100% correct.
After buying it for $65 I held it up to the light to check if there was infact a disc inside.
The light shone through the case had there been a disc inside it would not happen.
I did a test with another case and a disc inside to confirm it.

so while this is a very unique item.
It was never meant to be sold in stores and never was.
It clearly states it is a test and has no game inside.
it will not be lised on my site even though it has a typo in the tear strip.